Home Decor and Furniture for your property in Portugal

Creation of your project in Portugal

We propose a full service of home decor and furniture for you property, making you fell happy and fulfilled since it will be your image and respect your desires.Discover how to decorate and furnish your property in Portugal.

Home Decor and Furniture with Bairro Deco

How to decorate and furnish under the budget?

Decorate and furnish in partnership with Bairro Deco will not cost you more than if do everything by yourself, quite the opposite!

By working directly with suppliers and artisans, we are able to reduce the project’s cost.

Our approach is based on products at fair prices and excellent quality.

Elegance and Comfort

An interior in which you would like to live must be both elegant and comfortable.

For this reason, our projects always combine both.

We respect your taste and style in interior design. If you are out of ideas, we will inspire you to transform the interior.

How to decorate and furnish while saving time?

We consider that the time of our client is precious.

Our priority is that you can enjoy your property as soon as possible.

We also hope that you will not waste your time, for example by coming to Portugal for resolve some issue with supplier or installing everything on your own.

Julie Delvaux

Interior Decorator, based in Portugal

Professional of interior decoration, my aim is to create an interior as my client´s vision. An interior that reflects you and your history, from here and abroad.

Influenced by the mix of cultures and open to the world, my projects are original and contemporary.

Bairro Deco offers a complete solution for your space but also for your quality of life.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

“A place to live that reflects your history from here and abroad.”

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