Decorate and furnish in Portugal with Bairro Deco

How to decorate and furnish under the budget?

Decorate and furnish in partnership with Bairro Deco will not cost you more than if do everything by yourself, quite the opposite!
By working directly with suppliers and artisans, we are able to reduce the project’s cost.

Our approach is based on products at fair prices and excellent quality.

Elegance and Comfort

An interior in which you will like to live must be both elegant and comfortable.
For this reason, our projects always combine both.

We respect your taste and style in interior design. If you are out of ideas, we will inspire you to transform the interior.

How to decorate and furnish while saving time?

We consider that the time of our client is precious.
Our priority is that you can enjoy your property as soon as possible.

We also hope that you will not waste your time, for example by coming to Portugal for resolve some issue with supplier or installing everything on your own.

Our offer

Decorate and furnish from A to Z in 6 steps


During the first meeting, the client will explain the project that he expects for his property, his tastes and his needs.

Based on this approach, we will help our client by asking key questions and showing product images, materials, colors to match their style, and helping to reveal what they really like.


Based on the discussions, we will present some layout options, based on images and mood boards.

Some layouts will be presented in 3D planes to better visualization.

The client is an integral part of the project until we reach the approved layout.


We communicate the budget that corresponds the project.

Once the entire project has been approved by both parts, we will present a contract with the detailed project as well as the 3D plans, the budget and the installation date.

On the moment of contract signature we will request the payment of 60% of the project, and the remaining should be paid 48h before the installation´s day.


To carry out the project, we follow its progress.

We are in permanent contact with our suppliers and artisans to ensure quality and punctuality.

We manage the transportation, delivery and installation of furniture and decoration.


On the installation date, we will reproduce the environments and arrangements previously determined.

The execution will be performed in the smallest detail.

We know that deadlines are important to our clients and we always differentiate ourselves by respecting the agreed deadlines.


The client can now finally enjoy their property, after Bairro Deco decorate and furnish.

The client will receive the various warranties of the installed articles, according to their typology.

We guarantee assistance up to 90 days after installation to ensure everything works perfectly.

Decorate and furnish in only 3 steps


We will need that the client transmite and describe us the products that he wishes.

After receiving all the information, we will contact our network of suppliers and artisans to get the best possible price, always ensuring the quality that distinguishes us.


The final budget is communicate to the client.

After approval, by both parties, for all products and the budget, we will issue an invoice.

We will request the payment of 50% on the moment that we will issue the invoice and the remaining should be paid on the day of product’s installation


We will control the progress of the order.

We are in constant contact with our suppliers and artisans to ensure quality and delivery times.

We manage the transportation, delivery and installation of furniture and decoration.


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